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Inter Exchange of Experiences in West Africa!

Manjari Foundation team visited to Kayes Mali, West Africa to support the Aliniha network for promoting and strengthening community institutions. Aliniha network team has visited in India in 2016. During their visit Aliniha team have visited Dholpur and exposed, observed and learned the community led processes for developing the institutions that can support to develop and enable local community in long run. Based on their experiences and observation Aliniha network decided to seek support from Manjari Foundation for promoting community institutions in Aliniha network areas especially in Mali and Senegal. In that context Manjari Foundation team has visited Kayes Mali for supporting community institutions work.

During this visit Manjari Foundation team have done a situation analysis of Aliniha network work and support Aliniha team for broad community mobilization principles, strategies and processes and new area approach for scaling up program. Manjari team also orients them about the framework, design, scope and perspective for way forward/partnership towards unleashing the potential of women led institutions for holistic community development.







Based on this experience we are looking forward to facilitate -exchange people to people learning in 19 villages of Senegal River Basin region in Kayes Mali for supporting women led institutions to unleash the women leadership potential based on Manjari Foundation India, Dholpur experiences. Soon a group of women leaders from Dholpur Rajasthan will be visiting their counter in the villages of Kayes Mali and Senegal to facilitate them SHG based federation.

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