Manjari Foundation - Developing women's organizations at the grassroots.


Empower Women to Lead Change

Our vision is to empower women from marginalized communities both socially and economically so that they become the catalysts of change, not only in their own lives, but also for their families and the entire community. We visualize shaping up collectives such a way so that they can become strong and independent enough to bind people together and exert a normative influence on the society.


Our mission is to promote women’s institutions to bring in social justice and equality thus leading to rural transformation. We visualize an equitable society which can sustain continuous transformation in human conditions that is happening socially, economically, psychologically, politically and spiritually.


To enhance the quality of life of the community through

  • Promotion of Women Institutions for Development Initiatives
  • Promotion of livelihoods around local resource base
  • Challenge development issues (governance, gender, Health, nutrition and education) through human touch and introduction of technology


Non-Negotiable Values