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A road accident can result in deadly injuries. No one could understand the importance of the issue better than me.


February 24, 2019

stories of change

Anandi Devi

Yashoda Self Help Group

Rampura, Agucha

A motorcycle crash can result in deadly head injuries that can often be fatal. One such incident is experienced and shared by Anandi Devi, a member of Yashoda Self Help Group.

Anandi Devi hails from small village Rampura lives with her husband and two kids. Her husband works as a driver to make end meets and many times has to go for work in night shift. She always feels fear in her mind about his husband’s safety as road accidents are very common nowadays in India and he already had an accidents few years back which adversely affected him mentally & physically. That accident left a scar on his husband’s life and family as well. Even today after a long time, her husband is suffering from the problem of headache and gets feinted sometimes. Despite of living a happy & healthy life with family, she feels stressful whenever her husband goes out of the house for work and driving.

Being a member of Yashoda Self Help Group she got the chance of becoming a part of road safety campaign ran by Sakhi team & Hindustan Zinc Limited. She shared nostalgically this is the thing I was always worried about. A motorcycle crash or a road accident can result in deadly injuries that may lead to fatal accidents. No one can understand the importance of the issue better than me.

During the campaign, all the SHG members got to know about the basic traffic and safety rules and importance of the uses of helmets. Further for ensuring causality of accidents and bringing safety in focus, helmets were also distributed to the all group members. Anandi also got a helmet which she has given to her husband but he never used it.

But the condition changed today after one incident that changed her husband life and perspective too. Few days back when her husband went out for work in night, again he met an accident. But luckily this time he was wearing a helmet that saved his head and life from getting crushed after hitting the ground.

Her husband shared “Had I not been wearing a helmet, the damage to my head and face would have been worse. Now I don’t get on a bike without putting on a helmet,”

Both Anandi and her husband are very grateful to Sakhi team and HZL for creating awareness and distributing the helmets to the needy

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