Our Team

Over the years, we have come to realise that sensible and empathetic professionals are indispensable to facilitate change in challenging rural environments. It is these values that have helped us attract around 90 plus full-time development professionals who are devoted to the cause of social justice and equality.

The Manjari team comprises socially committed development professionals drawn from different walks of life having vast development experiences from diverse backgrounds such as Engineering, Management, Economics, Agriculture, Business, Entrepreneurship, Social Studies and Humanities from some of the best national and international institutes.

These professionals are a blend of experienced veterans and enthusiastic freshers with the skills needed to address the issues of rural development in general and economic prosperity & empowerment in particular; have successfully led impactful interventions, building an empathetic relationship with the community and uniting to achieve our vision “Empower Women to Lead Change”.

Action-oriented & Dynamic- every member of the team lives up to the values of “i- LEAD”.