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Immediate Humanitarian Relief, Restoring Economy Through Promoting Livelihood

The country has faced an unprecedented disaster in form of COVID-19 (corona virus) threat for the society and economy of the country. As the social distancing is the only solution to contain the spread of COVID-19, our Prime minister Shri Narendra Modi, initially on 22nd March 2020, announced 21 days lock down which is further extended till 3rd May. In view of the ongoing second phase of 19 days country wide lockdown due to corona virus outbreak which can extend further for any uncertain period, survival for marginalized & vulnerable people is going to be a challenge. Families who are daily wage workers and depending on daily earning for food & other essential items are losing their livelihoods during the lockdown, worried about getting essential food items. It is getting exceedingly difficult for them to survive. Even as the government is stepping up in several ways, including providing income support, to help low-income families in the coming months, families living on the margins will require additional support to tide over these difficult times.

Being a social development agency, our team has done a rapid assessment of requirements in our project locations with local administration and our response teams on the ground. The glimpses of our Comprehensive Rapid Support are : which is in three part – immediate humanitarian relief (Immediate relief, ensuring food security essential items, awareness, Sanitization, PPE kits), Facilitate access to services and entitlements support through actively engagement with local administration and Economic Restoration in long run.

Manjari Foundation is responding to COVID-19


People Reached through Promotion of Preventive Behavior


Masks Prepared & Distributed


Families Supported with Food Packets (Dry Ration)

We as a Manjari family contributed one day salary for supporting the COVID-19 pandemic

Mask Preparation & Distribution

As the COVID-19 crisis continues to loom over us, the short fall of masks & other essential items leads to more panic & worsen the condition. We have distributed over 78000 masks till date and these masks were prepared by our Self-Help Groups women. Still mask preparation is going on.

No One Sleeps Hungry

As we know due to lockdown many poor people are not able in position to get proper food and essential items. As we know in Sakhi intervention villages, may also have severe effects of Covid-19. There might be few families who do not have adequate food and essential items for living life. Hunger is a biggest crime on earth, and no one should sleep hungry based on this philosophy, our team have come out with Sakhi food bank idea. Till date we have reached out 60 villages and collect 8 Tones grain and few Vos also collected other essentials as well.

Food Kits

2000 uncooked foods packets that contain (10Kg. wheat flour, rice, dal, tea packet, spices packets, vegetables, biscuits, and soaps, etc.) are distributed to the neediest people in Dholpur and Chittorgarh.

Community kitchen

We have developed community kitchen in Dholpur, Datia, Chittorgarh where we are helping people in distress hunger. Till date e have supported 15000 packets approx. 700 packets per day.

Deployed Volunteer

We are in touch with district administration for any help which we can extend with our limited capacity. So, based on their requirements we have deployed our staff as volunteer in Banks, PDS etc.

Awareness Generation

Chetna Rath – As we have a strong presence in the field, so we have Sensitized community about to follow the lockdown situation properly and orienting them to follow the guidelines and advisory released by national and state government. We have done this through Chetna Rath with pre-loaded message and IEC.

Resource Material for Children & Youth to combat COVID-19

how to support to kids during COVID-19. Its 15 days manual in Hindi language. As we know all Anganwadi centers are closed, it will severely affect the nutrition program and will deteriorate the nutrition of kids. To tackle this issue, we are providing foods to Anganwari kids and pregnant mothers as well. These centers are inaugurated by district collect in Dholpur.

Support to migrant workers

Extended support to people in Gram Panchayat or government managed quarantine or isolation facilities or in-home quarantine situation, or in “near starvation” condition. We have developed quarantine centers as well.


Resource Material