CSR Partnership

Aligning with the goals of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) rules under the section 135, Schedule VII of Companies Act 2013, Manjari Foundation actively partners with Corporate Companies and Business Houses to make sustainable changes in the lives of underserved communities.

Why a corporate should partner with us?

More than Six lakh villages are scattered across India and around 70% population is accommodated in rural India. In rural society, most affected and exploited factor is rural women. Indian rural women are suffering from various social, financial, physical, cultural, and psychological problems. These problems are multi-faceted and therefore a redressal strategy which aims to address the above issues needs to be holistic. We invite Corporate to partner with us in the journey of empowering communities. Our multidimensional approach will make sure the investment for nation building

Manjari Foundation holds a vision to “empower women to lead change”. The vision has been backed up with our well planned and dedicated actions since inception. Action speaks louder than words and this holds true for our case as well. Manjari Foundation (MF) is half a decade young development organization dedicated to work for Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh with expansion to other geographies including west Africa to replicate the model of social mobilization and women empowerment.

Manjari Foundation is an initiative of Few ex-PRADAN employees till few years back who have now ventured their own path of development with the professional organization promoted in the same belief and principles that quality people of both head and heart are required to work at the grassroots.

We at Manjari believe in transforming the human condition in rural areas with the implementation of tried and tested development ideas. We believe in the practices of imbibing innovations at work and implementing the same at grass root level. With these approaches, we are optimistic that the commitment to transform will make villages and rural areas a better place for its inhabitants and they will not only evolve on several human development indices but also flourish. With a vision to serve 5 lakhs (0.5 million) families in the next 5 years we are constantly and consistently putting our best foot forward!

Scope of Partnership

  • Formulating and designing projects for direct implementation on women empowerment, livelihood, enterprises development, climate change, education, health, nutrition, youth development, governance, disaster management and community institution.
  • Partnering for campaigns which aims to reach out to multiple stakeholders rural communities, government and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Partnering for resource agency for capacity building and strengthening existing projects.
  • Facilitating the exposure, trainings, workshops and learning events for cross learnings and best practice showcase for effective implementation.
  • Conducting study and documentation for designing, and evaluating the projects.