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We believe that knowledge is empowerment. The role of Knowledge is very important in Development. Knowledge connects people with the resources around them. Using these resources people gain protection in bad times and explore greater opportunities that are available. Manjari’s educational programs are geared to impart practical, working knowledge to rural women that help them overcome obstacles, get protection and access to new opportunities and also to assert their rights and entitlement.

Impact in Numbers




Internet sathi


Women digitally educated

Financial literacy

Manjari Foundation helps rural women understand the need of micro-finance through inter-lending and savings. The fact that many of them are oblivious of different banking services meant for underprivileged women, has driven us to start our education programs with a focus on financial literacy.

Manjari Foundation plays pivotal role in offering financial education wherein SHG women are facilitated to learn about importance of small savings, the rules of business and how to capitalize their small savings to avail small loans. The training program makes women confident and educated enough to approach government institutions, banks and other financial institutions for loans, and related purposes.

Digital literacy

To address the gender disparity in the use of internet and to extend the benefits of internet beyond the urban areas, an “internet Sakhi” program was launched by Manjari Foundation in collaboration with Google and Tata Trust. Our long term objective is to serve as a permanent catalyst for women to be more aware and ‘included’ in the digital economy.

  • Manjari Foundation’s Internet Sakhi Program relies on two major components:
  • 1. Train and deploy some of the active SHG members as Internet Sakhi of the village which is provided with 2 Tablets loaded with cloud based applications, 2 Smart-phones, 1 Power Bank and 1 Inter-Cycle (bicycle based internet kiosk).
  • 2. This Internet Sathi further impart skills to other women of village on how to use the internet, access information and ultimately increase numbers in digital economy.