Learning Lab: A nurturing environment for young lives

Rural India is still struggling with access to quality infrastructure. In this information age, learning outcomes depend on access to information. However, there is a wide gap  in the availability, access and utilisation of information between rural and urban India.

With the aim of bridging this gap, we have promoted the setting up of learning labs in villages. Learning labs are all about creating a conducive environment for children to come together and access a hot of educational resources.

The main objective of the learning lab is to improve learning outcomes. When we refer to learning outcomes, it implies change in the learning behaviour of children by creating a space which is designed in a way that it can engage many people at a time - education fellows (teachers), students, parents and volunteers.

Compared to students living in cities, children in rural areas are often deprived of resources, infrastructure, and lack access to a support system that can nurture their intellectual development. The learning lab addresses all these issues.

A dedicated education fellow conducts classes on three subjects namely, English, Mathematics, and Science. The students have access to a book bank from where they can borrow any book of their choice.

When it comes to holistic development of any child, recreation plays a vital role. At the lab, children have access to a variety  of  indoor games. The lab also provides career counselling to students.

These learning labs have been instrumental in conducting marathon classes during exams. The parent and student counselling and guidance sessions are amongst the unique features of learning labs.

Delivery Model

Learning lab brings together all stakeholders, students, teachers, parents and village administration.

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