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April 7, 2018


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nlike other villages of rural India, Lohagal village has also been electrified but darkness pervaded due to the less power of electricity. Every single person of the village was annoyed as they were suffering from many problems. The same problem sited by the women of such village. Few weeks ago in SHG

“SHG Women’s collective actions resolved electricity problem of the Lohagal village – electricity department installed transformer within one week”.

meeting women members of the group addressed and discussed the issue of less power of electricity. All the group members tried to find out the solution as it was one of the major problems and everyone wanted to get out of it. At that time Tahseenji Samuh Sakhi of Lohagal took an initiative, and decided to unite other villagers to look into this matter therefore along with other group members, she went to every home and convinced every single woman to join them to go to Madar power house. Under her leadership, they went to Madar power house and met AEN (Mr. Pushpendra Ji) by considering their appeal, AEN approved DP (Double pole) for the transformer but he did not have particular suitcases for DP installation that’s why the entire process has taken one week for this work. It is only because of the efforts of SHG members that DP was installed within seven days and the problem with which this village had suffered for many years got resolved. This is one such example of how being united can make a big difference. It is only because of Tahseen ji and SHG member’s initiative, People came together, unite strongly and they were actually able to find a way to resolve it so they did.

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