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International Women Day 2019


March 20, 2019


International Women Day 2019 # “Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change”

“Whenever women become aware and act collectively make wonders across globe”

International women’s day is a focal point in movement for women’s right and is observed on 8th March every year. Women’s day acknowledges women’s fight for adult suffrage, equal wage rights, equal opportunities and right to free life, happened across the globe. The day focuses on bridging the gender gap and celebrates womanhood by marking a call to remember, women are perfect to forge ways for better tomorrows for themselves, families and communities.

United nations propose a theme for women’s day celebration on various development concerns annually. In 2019, the theme was “Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change”

Manjari Foundation celebrates International women day every year, since we are committed to bring the tangible changes in the lives of women throu gh holistic develop ment process. Like previous years, this year also we continued and deepen our efforts for celebrating the women day program in the name of Sakhi Utsav as Sakhi represents women led collectives & envision the identity of these women. We believe that action are more powerful than word, so believing and taking this belief forward we designed and organized women day program in more creative and innovative way.

Tug of War:

It was very amazing to see the mental and physical power of women in “Tug of War. “ It brings such a unique enjoyment, fun, senses of togetherness and c ollective strength.

Matka Race:

The capability of balancing along with the ability to run faster towards victory is what matka race. Women run balancing a matka on their head; it was really inspiring and depicts how women have power of #balance for better

Spoon Race:

It is a race of balance and coordination game in which participants must balance “Kancha” upon a spoon and race it with to the finishing line. To participate and finishing event till finishing line was remarkable example of spirit of game beyond victory or defeat.

Matka Phod :

Breaking a pot placed at the centre of the circle with a stick, with tied up eyes converted in high fun and laughter around the playground. It again inculcates the spirit of work in difficult situation as well.

Football :

Speed, perceptions, strategies, stamina and passion to score is the essence of Football. Women in Sarees effortlessly donning the football ground were a true sight of empowerment happening amongst women. The match between women was an interesting sight as it gave the vibes of India’s rising in female football scenario.

Rangoli :

Rangoli is an art where meets imagination and meets brightness of diverse colors. The patterns created were lovely and colorful. Flower-shaped patterns seemed like a hint of Manjari Foundation’s logo and thus, represented appreciation of associates’ hard work in the organizing female collectives and its work to channelize the women power.

Kabaddi :

Being a widely accepted sport, women showcased their own sparking selves at the Kabbadi ground. The sport which compiles strength and strategy expanded the wave of competition and celebration in the atmosphere. Women in sarees, tackling the opposite teams with proper plans and strategies were a nourishing sight as it was a ready example of women upbringing themselves despite of gender barricades.

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Women of village Gopalpura, Dholpur along with the male counterparts, are coming together to form 'Pani Panchayat' in their village and taking up the issues, related to the water scarcity in the region.
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