Decentralised milk collection to production development

Dairy is a very import source of livelihoods for farmers. Rajasthan contributes over 10% of country’s milk production. There are lot of pre-production, production, and post production challenges for farmers to reap the benefits through dairy. The milk is tested and weighted at village milk collection centre and then transported to bulk chilling units which are being owned by women producer companies.

Earlier women were selling raw chilled milk but in the recent time, things have evolved and these women are now processing the milk into several value added products such as milk, paneer, ghee under the brand “Katori” which helping farmers to access better pricing of the milk and associate services through women owned producer company.


Capacity building of farmers

Capacity building of farmers on rearing and management practices which include shelter management, balance cattle feeding, deworming, vaccination and clean milk production. The program is aiming to reduce the mortality and morbidity of the animals. The program is providing regular veterinary services which include the vaccination, treatment camps, infertility camps etc to improve the health conditions of cattle.

The livestock cadres are helping farmers to access all relevant information and services at village level. We oriented farmers to address various dairy development aspects testing of milks- fat, SNF and quality aspects as well. We also closely working with local livestock departments where we facilitate the service delivery at miles to access all schemes and services.

Value Addition and Product Development

As we know in Indian context dairy products have significant roles in dietary habits, mostly household consumed dairy products every day. In that context we have trained and facilitated women farmers to develop their range of dairy products. Procurement and processing of milk to several value-added products like milk, butter, ghee, and panner are part of the program.

The all initiative run by women producer company. Producer Company is helping farmers in collection of milk at village level and then brought at dairy chilling plants, where women members are converting it in various product under the technical guidance of experts.

Linking with the Market

Marketing of dairy products is being done under “Katori” brand in niche market of National Capital region and local market as well. The whole packaging, branding and marketing initiative required a unique set of skills so based on the dairy business plan the whole operations are managed by a technical team.

This whole process is helping women farmers to earn additional income through dairy business. The whole program is owned, nagged and supervised by women farmers producer company.

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