Goat Rearing: Small Ruminants, Big Impact

Goat Rearing is also one of the major livelihood sources in our project areas. The major interventions are bettering the rearing and management practices to improve the productivity, optimizing the herd size for sustained income, reducing the kids and the adult mortality, providing the preventive health care through Pashu Sakhi Model, credit provisioning for increasing the herd size and facilitating market linkages.

We have established a dedicated Goat Resource Centre at Dholpur to provide all important services related to small ruminants. We envisioned that this centre will be act as resurce centre for Rajasthan and Bundelkhand region as well where goat is the important source of livelihoods for farmers. The GRC is providing numerous services to farmers :

Delivery Model

Developing livestock farmers pathasala where farmers are trained on modern and advanced goat rearing practices, ensuring technical support and market linkages for enhancing income

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