An alternate source of livelihood

As we know, Mushrooms are a rich source of nutrition and at the same time, an economically viable livelihood option for women farmers.

We are promoting mushroom cultivation with women farmers in Uttarakhand where the climatic conditions are ideal.

Our interventions include training and capacity building of farmers, facilitating adequate input supplies and market linkages as well. Our women farmers are producing oyster, button and milky mushroom varieties.


Capacity building and technical services

Capacity building of farmers on production systems (composting, spawning, casting and cropping), management, requires resources. We offer support in:

  • Cultivation methods and stages of mushroom production
  • Seeding the beds with spawn
  • Maintaining optimal temperature, moisture, hygiene
  • Adding water to the substrate to raise the moisture

Value addition and product development

Harvesting, processing, packaging and marketing of the mushrooms

  • Timing of harvest and protocols
  • Packaging of mushrooms
  • Marketing and forward linkages

Linking with the market

Post-production management and dissemination of learning with larger community and stakeholders

  • Cleaning the shed and starting the production cycle again
  • Awareness on uses of mushrooms
  • Nutrient value -low in calories, high protein and fibre content
  • Consultation and sharing of learnings

What People Say