Improving practices and accessible to market

Capicity Building

The total poultry population in the country has increased by 12.39% over the previous census and the total poultry in the country is 729.2 million numbers in 2012. The livestock sector surpasses the agriculture sector in terms of contribution in GDP. Most of the backyard poultry activity is concentrated in tribal dominated areas.

Most of the tribal households rear chicks, which is one of the important sources of nutrition as well. The demand for meat and eggs is growing rapidly in both urban and rural segment of state. The emerging middle class across country is increasing so demand for protein intake is growing fast.

Market Linkages

Across our territory, we are promoting backyard poultry farming which is increasingly offering rural families both nutritious food and financial support. Poultry as a livelihood option is helping marginalised communities especially women to evolve and derive a state of financial wellbeing.

Our interventions start from Build and strengthen visioning exercise of farmers to take this at least second livelihood activity, Introduce low cost proper designed shed to build their heard size and reduce motility rate.

We are conducting training sessions to enhance the awareness of farmers, facilitating vaccination, deworming and other necessary critical inputs. Apart from this support, our well dedicated team is linking farmers to markets so that they receive better prices.

All these collective efforts are augmenting the income of farmers and are empowering them

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