Solar Energy: Reducing carbon emission

Fossil fuels are increasingly resulting in climate change and environmental degradation and likely to be exhausted in future. It is a high time for the world to tap green and clean energy. Sustainable development goal 7 aims to increase the usage of renewable energy.

Manjari’s actions are aligned to sustainable goal- Affordable and Clean Energy and we are well verge with the reality of energy issues in rural areas. Manjari is filling in these voids by installing solar energy driven water pumps in several areas of our intervention under several projects.

The major interventions are facilitating solar based irrigation pumps, solar lights helping kids, families during night hours and also installed street lights in remote villages. Solar-based solutions can provide reliable, cost effective and environmentally sustainable energy for decentralized irrigation services. Solar energy have no greenhouse gas emissions on environment which contribute for climate mitigation.

Rural electrification and access to renewable energy, have multiple impact on life and livelihoods. It also reduce cost in long run.

Our Interventions

Facilitating farmers to adopt the renewable irrigation methods, where based irrigation systems has been installed, which are helping farmers to access irrigation with low cost and emission free as well.
Facilitating families to access the solar lights which are very useful for kids to study during night hours and also useful for families for cooking and other works i.e. farmers visit on farms etc.
Installed street lights in remote hamlets where there is no electricity, which is helping villagers for safe passage during the nights.

Renewable and clean energy is the way forward for sustainable development

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