We invigorate culture of innovation by promoting and encouraging startups that is relevant to 70% of India

We invigorate culture of innovation by promoting and encouraging startups that is relevant to 70% of India

We support and nurture untapped ingenuities in the aspirational hinterlands using an array of tools and technologies— from “Ideation” to “Prototyping”


“MaHSIE is a launch-pad that catalyses, connects and cascades the resources towards fostering rural and small & medium town ventures. We invest time, expertise and networks in scripting the impassioned journeys of rural and small or medium town aspirants.”

About us

If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning."

Inaugurated on the 152nd birth anniversary of Bapu, we drive with the Gandhian approach and so, believe in Swadesi, self-reliance and self-governance. The above statement holds relevance, especially when entrepreneurs are in the ideation phase of their startups. Aspirants face pragmatic challenges when they go to execute their start-up ideas on the ground.

 MaHSIE is an exclusive initiative of the Manjari Foundation that is relevant for 70% of India. We aim at creating a vibrant ecosystem for entrepreneurship in villages and small & medium towns of the Indian sub-continent. Based in the aspirational district of Dholpur, Rajasthan, the Manjari Foundation headquarters, MaHSIE will serve as a launchpad for social innovators, offering an incubative work-space along with mentorship, and a host of tools, resources and networks to facilitate their growth and empowerment.

Barring a very few tier-1 cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Pune, there is a wide fragmented region bereaved of the basic support and facilities. However, more than 65% is concentrated in the states like Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh or West Bengal. In these regions, social enterprises hold the potential to reduce the poverty and social injustice, yet direct support to these neediest regions is still a big challenge.

What are we solving?

Entrepreneurship and economic development are two linearly related terms contributing to the overall economic growth of the country. Holding a significant potential, there is a critical need for institutions that assist entrepreneurs and promote budding startups in developing their innovative ideas and businesses. However, in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai or Kolkata, there is a dense ecosystem of support, guidance, finances, access to markets & services; fostering good incubation support is a challenge for aspiring entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, in rural and non-metro regions of the country, there is an additional challenge to provide structural and fundamental support to initiate and survive these budding startups— resulting in a wide gap between a more equipped and developed India V/s a marginalised Bhaarat with limited resources and opportunities.

In today’s competitive business world, some of the major problems faced by these rural -cum-social entrepreneurs are lack of guidance, scarcity of finance, poor infrastructure, limited opportunities, diffused population, and a smaller base of incubation ecosystem. We have ventured into setting up the first-ever incubation centre at the aspirational district of Dholpur.

MaHSIE envisages promoting and nurturing the innovativeness extant in the aspirational hinterlands to bridge this gap between India and Bhaarat. We strive to support these early-stage rural-cum-social ventures by designing interventions followed by large-scale systemic change— from “Idea” to “Prototype”.

Eco-system offerings :

Providing entrepreneurs with what matters most

We Mentor:

domain mentors connect; monthly and weekly knowledge sessions; Discussion Panels; help in creating Pitch-decks & business models

We Connect:

Startup events; industry meet-ups; startup dialogue; access to investors; in-house seed funding; diagnostic panel; connect with the banking system

We Facilitate:

IOT; 3-D printing machine; full-fledged automated ESDM labs; electronics

We Foster:

access to market; connect to early adopters & customers; product prototyping

Focus sectors

We have developed intelligence and expertise in three main sectors:

Agriculture & allied activities

From technological advancements, financial inclusions to post-harvesting processes, and supply chain management, our focus remains on improving the livelihood portfolio of rural regions.

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We aim to foster social entrepreneurship in creating a collective impact on the education landscape of rural India

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Integrated Natural Resource Management:

We identify efficiencies to conserve depleting natural resources while developing and implementing programs that are climate-smart.

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Collectives as drivers of ‘Change’:

Manjari Foundation is working with more than 89203 women collectivised under 6277 SHGs, 741 Village Organisations (VOs) and 23 Federations. Its 3-tier Institutional architecture creates an overall base for bottom-up interventions around the socio-economic upliftment of marginalised women.