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Parivartan An Initiative For Holistic Rural Development

We are happy to announce our partnership with HDFC Bank for Parivartan project for improving the socio-economic conditions of rural families in selected villages of Dholpur, Sarmathura region (these villages are situated in the ravenous region of the Chambal river basin) of Dholpur, Rajasthan. The project has a holistic approach of interventions in livelihood, natural resource management, education, health, and nutrition. We envisioned that this initiative will bring the transformative changes in the conditions of the community.

Major key activities/interventions during the project would be:

  • ● Integrated natural resource management  to develop irrigation facilities to framers which resulted in improved agriculture production which context-specific interventions
  • ● Promotion of Goat based livelihood activities through establishing Goat Resource Centre, which aims to strengthen goat based livelihood holistically
  • ● Women-led micro-enterprise promotion through existing women FPO (Dairy-based micro-enterprise, Honey based enterprise)
  • ● Education and Skill Development Initiative (Starting the supplementary classes, Developing Learning Labs for enhancing the reading and learning capabilities of young lives)
  • To establish Entrepreneurship Incubation Centre for ensuring forward linkages for strengthening livelihood initiatives taken up by rural women.

Proposed duration of the project (months) is 36 Months and it has been started from July 1st 2019.
Through a joint collaboration of HDFC Bank, the program aims to create a transformative impact in the lives of more than 2500 families & communities.