Manjari Foundation - Developing women's organizations at the grassroots.

People to people learning in Mali, West Africa

Women more or less face similar kind of discrimination all over the world. With the objective to improve the situation & empower women in the long run, Camide team visited Dholpur, India in 2016 and decided to seek support from Manjari Foundation for promoting community & women led institutions. The project is being implementing by local organization with the technical and ongoing support of Manjari Foundation.

The Intervention

Camide, Mali is one of the least developed countries in West Africa and the situation of women is pathetic. Women led institutions are identified as key intervention for economic & social empowerment of women. The collaboration between Camide, Mali &Manjari foundation will empower women by mobilizing them into the SHGs, VOs & federations and build their capacities to improve their economic & social status.

A well suited CRP strategy

We believe Community to Community cross learning is the best way to facilitate social mobilization therefore For supporting the local team in institution building, Manjari Foundation uses the same Community Resource Person led strategy in which experienced women leaders the existing & well functioning SHGs, Federations, & Gram Sangathans who are benefited from the program and have undergone positive visible changes, were identified and visited to Mali to facilitate this initiative. Manjari Foundation’s CRP strategy and training materials have by and large been successfully replicated as is-so far.

Achievements so far

As of March 2018, a total of 50 SHGs comprising 664 women & 4 Village Organizations have been formed. Majority of them have begun internal saving and lending.

Our partnership with Camide, Mali gives us a unique opportunity to engage in a holistic transformation of women in Mali, West Africa