Accessible Health Services

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Overview & Challenges

As we know we India has very limited and health infrastructure in terms of hospitals and health workers which include doctors, nurses and other health workers.

Several data suggesting there is a dearth need f qualified health workers in villages and both in urban areas as well.

A life without proper health care facilities is frequently under the threat of diseases especially for rural people who have to cover long distances to access healthcare facilities.

Strategic Approach

Manjari Foundation trained active SHG women called Jan Sakhi in 100 villages who survey/ collect the health status of women and community, organizes health camps to create awareness, and connect the professional doctors with the patients in dire need of medical services with the help of cloud based tele-medicine tablets.

These Jan Sakhi’s are equipped with all basic kit of BP testing, oximeter, thermometer etc.  Using smart tables loaded with health software.

Jan Sakhi : A health frontline friend of community

There is need for a comprehensive covid care response starting from awareness-creation to helping people cope with corona virus infection, all aspects of prevention, care and treatment and post covid recovery as well. To do all these things a dedicated community cadre is much required in community.

Our Jan Sakhi’s served communities for checking for symptoms in villagers, testing their oxygen levels and helping them to isolate in the home or in local quarantine centres, as well as assisting in hospitalisation when required

Program Contour

Nutrition and
Maternal Health

Promoting Preventive
Health Care

Conducting Medical
Health Camps

Health Camps

Various health camps are organized at regular intervals which are seasonal/need-based to meet the general & specific needs of the communities. These health camps provide preventive & primary healthcare & specialized care for TB patients, mother and child health.

With the objectives of creating awareness on hygiene practices among the women, adolescent girls, & school children a unique sanitation drive also led by women in schools & in villages, motivate them to use & maintain sanitation facilities at schools, & their surroundings inculcate better hygiene practices & make the children understand the importance of hand wash thus reduce incidence of diseases.


Jan Sakhi Covid Response

In many places these isolation cum care centre centres have been opened. But still there are lot of challenges of running these centres where we need trained health workers with required adequate infrastructure support as well. In this scenario these Jan Sakhi can be play a critical roles which is mentioned here :

  • Connecting them with doctors or hospitals to high-risk groups patients
  • Helping people in home isolation and isolation centers
  • Post covid recovery support – nutrition etc.
  • Facilitating vaccination – removing myths and hesitancy and reluctancy

Ensuring last mile health delivery through telemedicine

As we know in many of the villages we have internet facility with considerable speeds. In this digital era, tele medicine can play a critical roles. As govt. advised and give orders to all gram panchayats for creating isolation centres in their respective panchayats.

  • Support to run isolation centers as per the designs and protocols
  • Support to MGNREGA worker etc. at work sight
  • Help in vaccination drive for kids, mother and others
  • Listing of pregnant women and lactating mothers
  • Listing of malnutrition children and severe chronicle diseases patients

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