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A life without proper health care facilities is frequently under the threat of diseases especially for rural people who have to cover long distances of around 100 km or more to access healthcare facilities. Over the years, Manjari Foundation has implemented innovative tab-based strategies to improve the healthcare delivery facilities and filling the gaps where necessary, with a stronger focus on 100 project villages. The focus was on promoting preventive healthcare services by filling knowledge gaps. To fill this critical gap, a slew of initiatives were launched including carrying out interventions focusing on promoting preventive healthcare, conducting medical camps (both general and special camps).

Impact in Numbers


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Health camps organized


No. of families benefitted from health services

Accessible Health Services

Manjari Foundation trained active SHG women called Jan Sakhi in 100 villages who survey/ collect the health status of women and community, organizes health camps to create awareness, and connect the professional doctors with the patients in dire need of medical services with the help of cloud based tele-medicine tablets.

Manjari Foundation’s Jan Sakhi Program relies on following major components:

  • 1) Train and deploy active SHG members into Jan Sakhi of village
  • 2) Identify & enroll community for preventive & primary health care
  • 3) Use of smartphones to make primary care available to the community.

Health & Medical Camps

Various health camps are organized at regular intervals which are seasonal/need-based to meet the general & specific needs of the communities. These health camps provide preventive & primary healthcare & specialized care for TB patients, mother and child health.

With the objectives of creating awareness on hygiene practices among the women, adolescent girls, & school children a unique sanitation drive also led by women in schools & in villages, motivate them to use & maintain sanitation facilities at schools, & their surroundings inculcate better hygiene practices & make the children understand the importance of hand wash thus reduce incidence of diseases.