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Second Chance Education & Vocational Learning Program

We are pleased to share our new initiative, Second Chance Education & Vocational Learning Program. With the support of UN Women and PRADAN, through this initiative we aspire to reach out most disadvantaged women and young women in Rajasthan. The program aims to provide comprehensive solutions for qualitative learning, employability and entrepreneurial opportunities to marginalized women and young women who have missed out an education.

With the focus area of Baran, Chittorgarh and Jaisalmer, the Second Chance Education and Vocational Learning (SCE) Programme will enhance the learning and employment pathways for women and young girls and enable them to

  • ● Access and get benefits from quality educational content, materials and vocational trainings.
  • ● Achieve upward mobility, self development and overcome the cycle of poverty and marginalization
  • ● Access quality education and employment pathways through enhanced multi sectoral policy and financing frameworks that enabling scaling of successful SCE solutions.

Through the joint collaboration with Pradan and UN Women, we will reach out around 5000 women age group of 18-35 years in next two years. We envisioned that project will help women and young girls to come out from the discriminatory gender based practices and will also provide second chance for education which will lead for employment and sustainable livelihoods as well.