Manjari Foundation - Developing women's organizations at the grassroots.

New Initiative

We are proud to announce our partnership with Vedanta, Hindustan Zinc Ltd. For ‘SHG led Transformation of Rural communities. Through this initiative we aspire to build the capabilities of rural women mobilized into 2300 Self Help Groups to work with local government to improve access and delivery of key government programs. The financial inclusion (saving, credit, insurance and remittance) or credit linkage with banks and other financial institution is considered to be important activities. Starting from September 2016 to August 2022, the prime focus of this five year project will be on issues related to equity, self-reliance, sustainability at various levels and scalability.

Reaching out to the most disadvantaged

The program is geared to mobilize rural and tribal women and invest in developing their capacities around leadership, skill development, savings and entrepreneurship. As of January 2019, 1975 SHGs have been formed involving more than 22,300 women with a total of Rs 5.39 Crores as savings & 14.09 Crores have been generated as credit through 16,935 loans. Several initiatives have also been taken up to improve well-being of SHG members including micro enterprise development.

Way Forward

Through joint collaboration of Hindustan Zinc Ltd., the program aims to create a transformative impact in the lives of more than 27000 families & communities.