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Community-to-Community Learning: A transformative experience from Mali, West Africa


December 18, 2017


In November 2017 our team of women leaders along with professional visited to Mali, Africa for a month. Our team mobilised and trained local women in women institutions Self Help Groups (SHGs). In short span of time our team reached out 664 women in 50 SHGs in four villages including Kereouane, Maretrou, Kakulou and Malou […]

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PaNkH project from Dholpur aimed at improving the access of adolescent girls to public spaces ....@manjari_org @PRADAN_India

Collector Neha Giri was outraged to see that nobody would drink water offered by a young Valmiki woman. What she did sent out a strong message against caste discrimination! #Respect #Inspiration @IASassociation

Mr. Sanjay Kumar, Executive Director, Manjari Foundation is interacting with Mr. pathak, Secretary CSR and showcasing the products, made by women entrepreneurs as well as sharing the stories of change.

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Manjari Foundation is participating and showcasing our products and other initiatives in CSR Summit 2019, Jaipur.
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Gender equality through Satauliya

In Satauliya,2 teams of 7 players (4 girls & 3 boys) each. One team tries to hit a heap of 7 stones with a ball and rearrange before hitting the ball,while fielding team try to hit any of the players of opponent team,to score a point.

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