Volunteer and Internships

Manjari Foundation is a strong believer of learning, reflection, and action. We believe that learning is a continuous process which leads to holistic development of any professional.

We are thereby open to offer internships to all the institutions who are operating in the space of social development and preparing future leaders.

We feel proud to be a part of their educational endeavours and thereby provide the interns with all the support they require to derive an experience which can empower them to address social issues.

Our volunteer and internship programme provides an opportunity to understand the development sector through first hands-on grass-roots work and to make a real contribution.

We host many volunteers and interns every year. We offer a range of engagement options depending on the diverse background of volunteers and their varied interests, skills, knowledge, and time availability. Interns/volunteer can get the first-hand experience of community mobilization processes, women led institution development strategy, microfinance, livelihood promotion processes, gender, women led nutrition, health, digital education, youth development and conducting research and training in development context.

Volunteers and interns have worked across all our programme areas, and have the opportunity to invest a significant amount of time in the field. This program is blend with both field practices and class room sessions as well.

The most learnings happens in field so we facilitated interns to live with the community so that they can understand the challenges of rural set ups and also acquainted with reality of rural India. This also helped them to understand which are opportunities exist in rural villages.

Manjari Foundation hosts volunteers and interns from leading academic institutions across India which are the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), IIM Udaipur, SP Jain Mumbai, Azim Premji University Bangalore, Central University Ajmer, IIHMR Jaipur, Ambedkar University Agra, Jamia milia University New Delhi, National Lawa School Bangalore and IIM Kashipur. We also facilitated internships and rural immersion programs for international universities like Buffalo state University USA and Dule university as well.

We are actively engaged with many universities for building the capacities an perspectives of young lives through sharing our grass root works and motivated them to join the sector. Interns work is highly beneficial for the community and organisation also.

This work has been appreciated by the education institutes a lot. We believe each interns is a ambassadors for us who advocated community development work in their respect domains of life.

For more information on internship opportunities, please write us on [email protected]

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