What We Do

For over 6 years, we are working in partnership with rural communities not only to improve their material well-being but to build stronger and more ethical communities. Our initial emphasis was empowering women through self-governance institutions. However, over a period of time, we have expanded our interventions to address the multidimensional factors of poverty, inequitable & unjust society. Today, our Five Pillar Programme includes the key areas of “Women Empowerment, Livelihood, Education, Rural health care & Youth Development” enabling us to make a significant contribution in achieving World’s Sustainable Development Goals (#SDGs).

Our Solutions

Our thematic programmes are designed to improve the living conditions of village communities and striving to make villages a better place to live. Our strategic interventions include vibrant women institutions for fostering gender equality , sustainable livelihood, Climate action, quality education, rural health, youth development and reduce vulnerability

Quality Education

Sustainable Livelihood

Youth Development

Rural Healths

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