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When I walked on the streets, people used to mock and stare at me


February 24, 2019

stories of change

“Breaking Notions”


Laxmi Meena differently-abled but mentally strong woman from a village Pipaldara located in Girwa block. She was very young when she got married to Ramesh who was also not very physically active. Laxmi Meena could only study till eight standard because of her early marriage. It was challenging for the family to survive because no one wanted to offer them any work. It was because of their disability the villagers used to laugh at them.

The Earlier Situation

For survival, his husband started a small shop which was not enough to fulfill their basic needs. The indifferent and negative attitude of the people was very disturbing. Many people told Ramesh and her wife, “You can’t even stand on your own feet what else we expect you to do?”

The Remarkable Journey

When Community Resource Persons (CRPs) under Sakhi project visited Pipaldara village, Laxmi thought she could not be part of this unique program because of her disability. The CRP approached women of Pipaldara including Laxmi, she couldn’t believe that she can be a part of Samuh. This small effort of CRP was enough to boost her confidence.

She decided to join the group however her husband did not agree because of the previous bad experiences of SHGs. Despite her husband reluctance, she joined “Pratap Self Help Group.

The Positive Impact

Today Laxmi Meena is Samuh Sakhi of her village. Three times she borrowed loan from her SHG through which she not only expand her husband’s shop but also purchased herds for livelihood.

Today with pride she says “My group is the only place where I feel equal to other women. I am standing on my own feet, and I can do anything.”

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February 24, 2019

stories of change

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There is a little kid inside everyone... our SHG members are rekindling their childhood memories by celebrating children's day with school children...
#ChildrensDay #14November #Celebrations #RekindleDreams


(2/2) The first meet conducted at Manjari Foundation Dholpur to chart out vision, mission and operationalization of ESU. Looking forward for like minded people to come together..

(1/2)Aligned with the mission of empowering women to lead change, an Enterprise Support Unit has conceptualised with the idea of providing professional/technical services to promote sustainable women enterprises across our locations & also to places wherever needed.


From learning sewing skill to establishing a production center at chittorgarh under #Sakhi initiative by @manjari_org & @Hindustan_Zinc, #SHG members are taking another step closer towards realizing their dream with greater motivation and higher spirit. #empoweringWomen

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