Manjari Foundation - Developing women's organizations at the grassroots.

Women Institutions

We are committed to empower women from marginalized communities so they live their life with dignity & respect. Our initiatives focus on improving the knowledge, skills, self-esteem and leadership of women from marginalized communities, for their social, communal & economic empowerment. We envision collectives and groups as the driver of change can address the issues of injustice and inequalities widespread in the society. We believe that when women from marginalized communities are organized into collectives, these could bring changes in shared values, beliefs, norms and behavior. Therefore, we want to equip resource-poor women with knowledge and skills to form collectives which would help them occupy their position as equals in the society and enable them to enjoy full citizenship.


Impact in Numbers



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Self-Help Groups


Village Organizations

118 Mn

Saving of members

366 Mn

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Women Owned Institutions

Self reliance is one of the core values of Manjari Foundation. Building strong and vibrant women community owned and managed institutions that meet the diverse development needs of a village has always been at the core of all our efforts. We encourage women to take greater responsibilities and to be leader of own; therefore Self-help groups are the prime approach of social mobilization at the grassroots. Manjari Foundation’s women owned institution initiative entails women empowerment through a holistic process of mobilization from marginalized communities enabling them to come together, express themselves and access to credit including financial inclusion, build a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families, gradually help them function and thrive on their own & work as a forum to voice the problems exist in the village and raise resources required to take up the appropriate development interventions



We at “Manjari” always believe in working as a catalyst to channelize and fine tune the local skills and potentials available in the rural area. By adopting an empowerment approach we strive to transform women lives from isolation, deprivation, and oppression to participation, development, and empowerment. For developing new & rejuvenated spirit of independence, periodical training and capacity building programs are organized for the women & groups. Increasing knowledge, changing attitudes and developing skills through instructions, demonstrations and by other techniques is an integral part of these training programs, which not only enhance the competencies but also develop confidence among the participants.