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Over the past few years India has emphasing on make in India, digital India , skill India and several other important initiatives.To leveraging all these initiatives required the digitally trained people.

As we belongs to 21st century that’s pretty much tech-savvy and have the know-how of everything digital, there’s still a section of the country deprived of even the basics of technology. India has about 600 million internet users, which is counted approximate of 12 % of global users. According to government data still only 20 % of Indians know how to use digital services.

There are still a big segment of population those who do not have access to internet and online services. The Internet Saathi program was launched in collaboration with Tata Trust and Google India to improve digital awareness and leverage the power of Internet and smart-phones that are seeing deeper penetration in rural pockets.

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Bridging The Gender
Digital Gap

Digital Skill

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Internet Saathi

An Internet Sakhi is a community cadre from SHG responsible for taking Internet to more and more rural communities. Every Internet Sakhi is provided with 2 Tablets loaded with cloud based applications, 2 Smart-phones, 1 Power Bank and 1 Inter-Cycle (bicycle based internet kiosk). They have been trained to use Smart-phones and Internet along with the other features like camera, calculator, and gallery, play store, etc.
240 Internet Sakhi’s trained more than 2, 40,000 community members to educate them on using these smart devices, applications and the Internet.

Bridging Gender Digital Divide

In rural India only three in out of 10 internet users are women (IMRB’S Curb Report 2017)
India's fifth National Family Health Survey (NFHS) revealed that there is a big digital divide in the country, with rural women least likely to have internet access. Only 42% of Indian women surveyed have ever used the internet, compared with 62% of men. A large section of women do not have no or limited access to either mobile phones or computers, and this gap has widened during the COVID-19 crisis.

Employability Through Digital

Digital literacy is very important now a days, In the era of internet, without digital knowledge people cannot survive and grow. Internet and digital things are now a way of life. Most of the jobs and even traditional agriculture, artisans work and so on are very much impacted by digital technology.

Knowledge is powerful weapons for empowerment. But still a big sections of our rural women ae not able to access and control over digital devices which resulted to increase the divide. Our digital trainings programs aims to reduce all these kind of gaps and vulnerability.

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