Manjari Foundation - Developing women's organizations at the grassroots.

Mr. Yatesh Yadav

International Consultant

Mr. Yatesh Yadav is one of the Board of Directors of Manjari Foundation. Mr. Yadav has more than 25 years development experience, which includes work with PRADAN Rajasthan Alwar, Dausa and Dholpiur. He has an intense experience to work in worlds one of the most conflicting zone in Afghanistan.

He has worked with Aga khan Foundation Kabul and Government of Afghanistan to support the community-led microfinance program across Afghanistan.He was the key person who have formulated, design and streamline the community institutions and microfinance work in Afghanistan.

He has also worked as an Executive Director of Centre for Micro Finance based in Jaipur. His area of expertise is integrated natural resource management based livelihood promotion and development of community led micro finance. Mr. Yadav has also closely work with many bilateral funding agencies that include Tata Trust, World Bank, Government of India, NABARD and many other well-known organizations.

Currently, Mr. Yadav is based in Narobi Kenya where he is supporting Techno Serve Africa for a development of integrated natural resource management based livelihood with Maasai Community Kenya.