Unleash the potential of youth so that they can contribute as active citizens for the development of the society

Briefing About Youth Development

In India, Rajasthan ranks third in the prevalence of child marriage. This practice drives early childbearing, dropping out of school, sexual exploitation, and domestic violence. Furthermore, the State also has the third highest adolescent fertility rate in the country. Besides the taboo & patriarchy which persists in society, Illiteracy, unawareness, and un-employability are the major causes of this problem.

Considering this, Manjari Foundation’s Udaan Project in partnership with CIFF (Children Investment Fund Foundation), IPE Global, The YP Foundation, is working on designing an intervention, using the Human-Centred Design approach, which will enable unmarried adolescents in Rajasthan to identify sexual and reproductive health issues, prevent risky behaviours, and seek services to improve their sexual and reproductive health.

Improving the knowledge, attitudes & behavior of girls & community around sexual reproductive health issues is our major strategy. To implement the strategy, we collaborate with the Govt. Schools of block Bari and conduct different sessions with the adolescent girls and boys of standard 9th to 12th.

We work to ensure that all adolescents and young people receive accurate information about their sexual and reproductive health and rights including gender, contraception, Conception, consent etc.

We advocate for comprehensive sexuality education to enable girls and boys to develop the skills, knowledge, confidence, and ability to make free and informed decisions about relationships and sexuality and to challenge discriminatory attitudes and harmful gender norms.

Our Co-Designed Curriculum

Gender Based Violence

We orient the youth on Sex and Sexuality, gender equality, stereotypes and belief, various types of gender based violence, its effects on adolescents and how to reduce the risk of gender based violence and the possible ways to overcome.


We provide the knowledge on the importance of nutrition and balance diet in adolescent age and pregnancy, food pyramid, the importance of healthy lifestyle etc., so that youth can adopt the healthy practices for a better growth.

Non Communicable Diseases

We orient youth on the types of ncds i.e. cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes, hypoglycaemia, cancer etc., some reasons, facts and misconceptions related to these diseases, healthy lifestyle to avoid the ncds, various tests and reports to diagnose, and various govt. Schemes to support the patient.


This covers what is masculinity and its adverse impact on adolescent covers which includes no sharing of feelings by boys which leads for pressure and fear etc. Which effects their personal and professional life.

Mental Health

We orient youth about the importance of mental health in adolescent age, identifying mental health issues i.e. exam pressure, anxiety, fear of unknown, change in body language, depression, excessive use of the technology etc.

Substance Misuse

We orient youth about the possible reasons of being addicted to toxic substance i.e. for being stylish and cool, for coming out of depression and mental health issues, broken relationship, fear, anxiety etc., various misconception and facts on substance misuse, various laws, helpline, institutions and counselling support by the govt.

Reduuce Discrimination

There are three themes we covering, puberty & associated changes, menstrual hygiene, personal & genital hygiene, RTIS/STIS & HIV, conception & contraception, right age for marriage, maternal health care.

Creating Safe Space

We are striving for creating safe space and developing life skills as well. We have devised the sports led methodology which aims to build the capacities and confidence of youths especially young girls and women across

Effective Communication

We orient youth about the importance of the effective communication, various ways of effective communication be it with the parents, partners, friends, teachers etc., and the implications of not putting their thoughts and grievances effectively.

We are facilitating youths where they are acquiring the competence, confidence, connection, caring, compassion and character.

Employability Among Youth

Manjari Foundation focuses on improving employability of youths from rural areas and underprivileged section of society who do not have access to modern facilities and resources. Our Youth Development Programs therefore aims at identifying unemployed youths primarily from SHG families who are eager to earn better living but do not know how to start. With the partnerships with some renowned organizations and institutions, these youths get quality training and become self-sufficient & self-reliant. We facilitated youth for career counselling, job oriented trainings and deployed them in industry.  

Safe Space Creation & Developing Life Skills

We are striving for creating safe space and developing life skills as well. We have devised the sports led methodology which aims to build the capacities and confidence of youths especially young girls and women across. With games & activities like Kabaddi we encourage community especially girls to break the stereotype & open up & express on the issues related to gender taboo, patriarchy, sexual & reproductive health.

We also trained them on various life skills theoretical and practical aspects. These all activities contributed for life skill development, nurturing and inspire young lives to become a sensitive and responsible citizens.

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