Manjari Foundation - Developing women's organizations at the grassroots.

Youth Development Program

According to the prohibition of Child Marriage Act, a girl in India cannot marry before the age of 18. Even though it is illegal for a girl to be married before the age of 18 years the practice of child marriage continues to be prevalent in India and widespread in Rajasthan. Besides the taboo & patriarchy persist in society, Illiteracy, unawareness and un-employability is the major cause of this problem. Manjari Foundation strives for combating these challenges by using an integrated community- based &human centric approach which targets adolescent girls from the age group of 10-19 years which focus on out of school un-married girls, their parents and men , boys of ages 15-24 years, schools, community & other key stakeholders.

Adolescents Program

Improving the knowledge, attitudes & behaviour of girls & community around sexual reproductive health issues are our major strategy. We believe that communities, families, and girls themselves are an integral part of an effective system from early marriages. We are testing various tools with different groups like adolescents girls, boys, their parents, health service providers, medical stores, private doctors, teachers, RKSK counsellors etc.With games & activities, we encourage community especially girls to open up & express on the issues related to sexual & reproductive health.

Employability among Youth

Manjari Foundation focuses on improving employability of youth from rural areas and underprivileged section of society who don’t have access to modern facilities and resources. Our Youth Development Program therefore aims at identifying unemployed youths primarily from SHG families who are eager to earn better living but don’t know how to start!