An open workshop was organized at Dariba location where 55 women & adolescent girls participated. The objective of this workshop was to discuss on the issues of women and girls
An awareness campaign was held on 19 September at Dariba where 35 women & adolescent girls participated. The objective of this camp was to spread awareness on the issues of
A new initiative “Blood Donation Camp” was organized by members of Laxshya, Sangarsh & Gyandeep Village Organization under the roof of Sakhi Udaan Federation. Women Collectives (SHG, VO, FEDERATION) are
Social distancing is necessary to help limit the spread of the virus, but for the economically weaker sections of community the food insecurity is a much more serious issue than
World breastfeeding week was celebrated by the SHG members across location to create awareness on the importance of breastfeeding both for mothers & child.
Safety awareness with the objective of creating awareness and sensitizing community about the safety measures and on the use of helmets, our SHG women run a campaign in their respective
“Habit is a good servant but a bad master” has been a well proven fact and it holds true for the case of plastic usage across the globe. Plastics has

Campaigning on Swachata Saptaah:

Swachata saptaah was celebrated by SHG members across location in which more than 6000 women participated enthusiastically with the objective of bringing cleanliness in focus and spread in awareness among
To prevent crime against women, Rajasthan police has launched a special campaign called operation Awaaj. The objective of Operation Awaaz is to act against women crimes as well as to
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Learning Event For Afghanistan Team

Manjari Foundation has conducted the workshop and exposure visit for Afghanistan team. There were eight members team constitutes with six women and three men. The main objective of workshop was