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In Sisona village, Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand, solar street lights installed as a part of the Focused Rural Development Project. Installed a solar pump for irrigation in Sitarganj (Uttarakhand) under the FRDP project. New Production house inaugurated in Nurabad, Muraina (MP), in collaboration with JK Tyres. Community Awareness Camp organized in 8 new villages in association with UN Women under 'Build Back Better' project. Goat Farmers Training conducted at Jara and Dangdiroli (Seondha) with KVK scientists. Training and animal feed distribution program organized at the Manjari office in Sarmathura, for 100 scheduled tribe goat farmers.

After the sudden death of Rusna Bai, insurance saved the day for Ramesh and family

After the sudden death of Rusna Bai, insurance saved the day for Ramesh and family

After the sudden death of Rusna Bai, insurance saved the day for Ramesh and family


With the numerous risks and uncertainties we face today, social security is indispensable for poor and vulnerable families. However, even today, only 15% of rural households are insured, leaving the vast majority at risk. ‘Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bhima Yogana (PMJJBY) is one good government insurance scheme that ensures reasonable security for individuals for a nominal premium amount. The Sakhi team took it upon themselves to educate and mobilise SHG members for enrolment in PMJJBY.  Mrs. Rusna Bai, a member of Asha SHG  enrolled herself under the Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bhima Yogana as a part of Insurance campaign lead by the Sakhi team in Amarpura Village. Her policy was activated on 26 November 2017, two months before she was bed ridden with fever and abdominal pain. Rusna Bai passed away on 22 January 2018.

The problem

Ramesh, husband of Rusna Bai works as an LPG cylinder delivery agent at Gadi Prathapur, Baswada. Ramesh used to stay away from the family for work, and visit home only once in a month while Rusna Bai handled the responsibilities of household and the four young children. She also managed the livestock which acted as their alternative income source. Ramesh earned Rs. 6000 per month, whereas Rusna Bai managed to earn Rs. 1000 per month. After the untimely death of Rusna Bai, Ramesh was unable to go for work leaving behind his children alone at home. The family was under a lot of financial stress as they had incurred massive expenses for Rusna Bai’s treatment, and Ramesh was unable to resume work after her demise.

The turning point

SHG women had very limited knowledge about Insurance and social security schemes. PMJJBY is available to people in the age group of 18 to 50 years having a bank account and Aadhar Card. Sakhi team initiated the insurance enrolment for SHG members since October. As a result, 983 women got enrolled in Zawar, and 76 women got enrolled from 12 SHG’s in Amarpura village.

The positive change

At the event of death of Rusna Bai, Ramesh immediately connected with the Samuh Sakhi, who informed the Sakhi field coordinator who further facilitated the claim.  The total insured claim of Rs. 200,000 was credited to Ramesh’s account on 13/03/2018.  The Samuh Sakhi and field coordinator accompanied Ramesh to visit Rajasthan Marudhara Grameen Bank (RMGB) for the insurance claim. The field coordinator himself approached local authorities to issue a death certificate and a Sarpanch declaration. Rs. 100,000 was converted to four fixed deposits of Rs. 25000 on each child’s name. The remaining amount was invested in house construction and other essential requirements.

After this unfortunate incident many more members are now ready to enrol for insurance schemes. Till March 2018 a total 336 members have linked up with insurance services.