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Tree planation drive at Chittorgarh, Lalitpur, and Dariba locations. Hundreds of Mango, jackfruit, jamun, lemon, and guava saplings were also distributed. Pulse processing unit inaugurated in Madavra Lalitpur in the presence of SDM Chandra Bhushan. Business Sakhi training conducted under the Capri project at Kishanganj, Baran. New Production house inaugurated in Nurabad, Muraina (MP), in collaboration with JK Tyres. Community Awareness Camp organized in 8 new villages in association with UN Women under 'Build Back Better' project. Goat Farmers Training conducted at Jara and Dangdiroli (Seondha) with KVK scientists. Training and animal feed distribution program organized at the Manjari office in Sarmathura, for 100 scheduled tribe goat farmers.

From adversity to achivement Rakhi Sharma's inspirational journey

From adversity to achivement Rakhi Sharma's inspirational journey

From adversity to achivement Rakhi Sharma's inspirational journey

“I am Rakhi Sharma. I am the second child among four siblings. Despite coming from a poor family, I obtained a bachelor's degree in the field of science.

Since childhood, I have been inclined to work to support my parents. Unfortunately, due to our family situation and social customs, I couldn't work outside. This saddened me, and I felt the need to contribute to my parents' livelihood. This would lead to an improvement in their financial situation. My parents always prioritized the education and sustenance of all four siblings, regardless of any hardships at home. They strived for us to receive a good education and become self-sufficient, never having to rely on someone else.

Despite these situations, my father arranged my marriage to Rajesh Sharma, who is a resident of Naya Kaserua village of Datia district. Even in my in- laws' house, financial conditions were not good. Since my husband relied solely on farming and my father-in-law couldn't work due to old age.

Seven years after my marriage, Manjari Foundation started the formation of a self-help group in my village. Women from our village started forming self-help groups. This idea intrigued me and reignited my broken dreams.

Through this medium, I hoped to progress and fulfill all my dreams. I worked with great enthusiasm. Initially, we had four groups in my village which gradually increased to thirteen.

I saved around 35,000 rupees in my account and opened a small shop for my husband, but we couldn't buy goods because we didn't have money. After three months, the Manjari Foundation team discussed a Rang De loan, where we could get money at a very low interest rate, without any guarantees. The repayments had to be made in very small installments. Seeing that my husband was unemployed, I received a loan of 25,000 rupees for my existing grocery store. My shop gradually started running. I started earning between 500 and 1,000 rupees each month from the store. My husband also found a job. Now, along with farming, he helps me in the shop as well. I paid off our debts by earnings from the shop.

I also bought a cow from the earnings and sustain my household by selling its milk. The income from the shop is secure. I am deeply grateful to Rang De for helping me when my husband and I were struggling with unemployment and we were living a very difficult life. After taking a loan from Rang De, a wave of happiness entered my life. Now, through my shop, I am also saving some money, and with a loan of 200,000 rupees from Rang De, I plan to build a house for myself and establish a permanent shop in it.
I am also planning to purchase a buffalo through a loan from Rang De, as my financial situation has been gradually improving. My future plans include constructing a house and opening a shop in the nearby town of Mau block, located in Bhind District. The shop, established with the assistance of this loan, has granted me a new sense of identity, as villagers recognize me as the provider of goods from the Rakhi shop. I offer my heartfelt gratitude to Manjari and Rang De for bestowing upon me this fresh identity, enabling me to fulfill the aspirations I once held within my mother's household.

Now, I am accomplishing these dreams within my marital home. Presently, I have the means to purchase new clothing, adornments, and other essential items whenever I desire. I have two young children: a son and a daughter. The daughter, who is five years old, attends a private school in the city. I am determined to shield them from the hardships I have endured. Consequently, I am diligently working to ensure their education and well-being while striving to improve my financial condition.
In the face of hardship, resilience shines brightest” 

Rakhi Sharma's journey is a testament to the power of determination and the transformative impact of seizing opportunities