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How Sonu Davar made her daughter’s dream to become an air hostess come true

How Sonu Davar made her daughter’s dream to become an air hostess come true

How Sonu Davar made her daughter’s dream to become an air hostess come true

People often say, 'Dream, because dreams cost nothing.' Everyday in India, countless women are dreaming and making every possible effort to turn those dreams into reality. These women have made their family's future their biggest dream.

In any household, a mother becomes deeply involved in understanding and fulfilling her children's dreams. Such is the story of Sonu Davar, who hails from the small village of Tanda in the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. She transformed her daughter's dream into reality.


Sonu Davar's family was like any other typical Indian family, but with one notable difference. Sonu and her daughter were ready to do anything to fulfill the big dream of the daughter. Kripali Davar, Sonu's daughter, aspired to become an air hostess.

The dream was significant, especially for a family of limited means, considering the expensive training required to become an air hostess. When Sonu Davar learned about her daughter's dream, she pondered how to arrange such a considerable amount of money. However, the one thing that didn't let Sonu give up was her belief.

Joining a Self Help Group for a Loan for Training

One challenge still troubled Sonu – where would she get so much money? In her quest, Sonu learned about Self Help Groups (SHG) and joined the Ganga Self Help Group in her village in 2015.

By joining the group, she realized that making her and her daughter's future dreams come true with the help of the government was possible. Sonu, after joining the group, opened a grocery or kirana store and started working day and night. She used the earnings from her kirana store to fund Kripali's education and manage her family.

Sonu shares, "My family's financial situation was not good. I joined the Ganga Self Help Group in 2015, and since then, our circumstances have changed. I opened a kirana store with the help of the SHG and worked hard day and night. I ensured that Kripali completed her education, up to the tenth grade, right in our village."

Starting Other Businesses with the Shop

Sonu knew that running just a grocery store wouldn't be enough to afford her daughter the training to become an air hostess. Therefore, she also started a tailoring business. Sonu had decided that she would witness Kripali becoming an air hostess and be an example to the whole world.

To fulfill Kripali's wish, Sonu took a loan of one lakh rupees with the help of the State Rural Livelihood Mission. She sent her daughter to Indore, a city in Madhya Pradesh, for further studies and air hostess training. Today, Kripali has achieved her dream and has become a source of great pride for her mother.

Defeating Challenges with motherhood

Sonu Davar's daughter, Kripali Davar, says, "My mother worked extremely hard to bring me here. When I came to Indore, I could only see and think about the sky, dreaming that one day I would touch these heights. Today, as an air hostess I can proudly say, it is all because of one woman and she is my mother. I am extremely happy to be the first girl from our village to reach this position."

Today, Sonu Davar and her daughter Kripali Davar have become a source of inspiration and an example for everyone.

Note: This story is published in collaboration with Ravivar Vichar, our media partner. Manjari has made a commitment to bring forth such stories.