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In Sisona village, Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand, solar street lights installed as a part of the Focused Rural Development Project. Installed a solar pump for irrigation in Sitarganj (Uttarakhand) under the FRDP project. New Production house inaugurated in Nurabad, Muraina (MP), in collaboration with JK Tyres. Community Awareness Camp organized in 8 new villages in association with UN Women under 'Build Back Better' project. Goat Farmers Training conducted at Jara and Dangdiroli (Seondha) with KVK scientists. Training and animal feed distribution program organized at the Manjari office in Sarmathura, for 100 scheduled tribe goat farmers.

Weaving Dreams: Rajan Bai's Journey with Bagaj Mata Self-Help Group

Weaving Dreams: Rajan Bai's Journey with Bagaj Mata Self-Help Group

Weaving Dreams: Rajan Bai's Journey with Bagaj Mata Self-Help Group

In the heart of Narayanpur, a village painted with the hues of tradition and aspirations, a remarkable journey unfolded through the Bagaj Mata Self-Help Group, facilitated by the Manjari Foundation in October 2021.

Meet Rajan Bai Banshkar, a skilled artisan with a passion for crafting bamboo baskets within the confines of her home. While this work brought a modest income to her family, it wasn't significantly enough to support their lives.

Rajan Bai's life took a turn after she became a member of the Bagaj Mata Self-Help Group. Beyond being a group, it was a canvas where dreams found colours, and aspirations took shape. The bamboo baskets, once confined to the corners of her home, were now destined for a bigger stage.

Yet, dreams, no matter how vivid, require fuel to become reality. Rajan Bai, with a vision to expand her craft, faced the hurdle of financial crisis. The SHG, a tight-knit community, stood by her, but the funds were like seeds waiting to sprout.

With patience and hope in eyes, Rajan Bai waited, and about 1.5 years later, the Bagaj Mata Self-Help Group transformed itself totally. A livelihood-based plan, crafted with collective dreams, took centre stage. In March 2023, HDFC Bank Tikamgarh lent its support, providing a loan of INR 153,000 to the group.

Rajan Bai then borrowed INR 18,750 from this financial tapestry to weave her dreams even further. The bamboo baskets underwent a metamorphosis – not just in design but in quality and reach. This was not merely an investment; it was a brushstroke that has started painting a journey towards brighter future.

The canvas expanded beyond Rajan Bai's imagination, but the impact was not confined to her. The Bagaj Mata Self-Help Group created employment opportunities within the village. Rajan Bai started earning monthly income, which is narrating a story of journey of economic empowerment.

In Narayanpur, where tradition meets innovation, the Bagaj Mata Self-Help Group stands tall as a symbol of community empowerment. The village itself echoes the success story of collective dreams stitched with resilience and woven with hope.