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Manjari wins the 'Excellence in CSR and sustainability award for women empowerment, at the 10th National CSR Leadership Congress & Awards. CIRG द्वारा आयोजित Goat Enterpreneur Development Training Program में सरमथुरा क्षेत्र से अनुसूचित जनजाति की 50 बकरी पालक किसानो ने भाग लिया. Manjari Foundation awarded with 'The CSR Universe Award' for community drinking water project. भिकमपुर मड़ावरा में कृषि पाठशाला में किसानों को जीवामृत के बारे में बताया गया. 2nd day digital literacy training being conducted by Digital Sakhi Kamlesh Garg in Village Bajrangarh.

Second Chance Education

Second Chance Education (SCE) Programme

For most girls and women in remote villages of Rajasthan, access to higher education is still a distant dream. Education is the basic requirement for human development. With education, come employment opportunities and the chance to earn an income. The development of an individual and the progress of a nation depends on education.

Education is vital to the development and growth of a child, and in preparing him/her to be a responsible, intelligent, and capable citizen. Education is also equally important to improve women’s status and autonomy. It enhances one's confidence and decision-making power within the household.

What Stops Girls And Women From Higher Education

As per the latest baseline study done by IPSOP under the Second Chance education program supported by UN Women in Baran, Chittorgarh, and Jaisalmer districts, 7.06 % of girls drop out at the primary school level, 5.17 at upper primary and 15.25 % drop out in higher education. As per the finding, the main reasons for dropout are :

  • Secondary or high schools in their areas are few in number and not always accessible thus forcing girls to discontinue their education
  • Distance to school, poverty, illiteracy among parents, the burden of household responsibilities for girls
  • Early marriages, highest occurring in Rajasthan. It is still believed that girls should get married by the age of 17-18 years. Once girls hit puberty, the discussion about their marriage begins
  • Educated parents tend to value education for children – others tend to engage their children in traditional family/caste-based occupations (sons) or get them married (daughters)
  • Dropout rates among students belonging to SC/ST communities in all program districts are high

Early Marriage Is One Of The Main Reasons For Girls Dropping
Out Of Education.

Modulus Operandi

The SCE program envisages assisting those who couldn’t complete their secondary education to re-integrate into the system. The program is empowering and reintegrating dropout girls and women into the education system.

As per the project, enrolment of women through NIOS (Open University) and other available avenues is the starting point. Identification of open education platforms, online courses, remedial classes based on need, etc. is the follow-up activity.

Addressing Structured Barriers

Education is a very powerful tool for empowerment and plays a vital role in one’s life. We have strived to remove structured barriers i.e., finance, technology, etc. Our program design is based on adult learning principles.

We have devised a way for women to learn through peer-to-peer group work. Education classes have been facilitated in the community setting, which allows women to participate with ease and flexibility. We have also created women's empowerment hubs which are women-friendly, safe, and have all relevant infrastructure and aid to support women.

Converging For A Way Forward

We have facilitated convergence with government programs that aim to support dropout women and girls. We have also enrolled women through the National Institute of Open Schooling - a very useful and flexible platform for dropout women.

We are leveraging SHG women's federations as a platform to help in identification, mobilization, enrolment, monitoring supervision, and learning. Our women community educators are playing a transformative role in educating and training women on various curriculum-based skills and life skills.

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'Manjari’ literally translates to “seed of Tulsi”, a sacred Indian plant. When women mobilise themselves to form institutions, they are empowered to sow their own ‘seeds of change’.